How to make a healthy, positive work environment

There are various factors to count when it comes to business success: funds, networking, growth, etc.

However, these are main problems, there is a matter that is usually ignored, even though it has the capability to make or break the atmosphere of the company.

The health of your business depends on the health of your team, for your business will go only as far as your team promotes.


Here are some tips for creating an attractive, successful work environment:

  • Organize

Because often it feels like there is not enough time in a day to accomplish everything you need to, often spread yourself and your employees too narrow. Instead of focusing on 100 percent of your attention on a task at hand, spread your attention on too many issues, which leads to disorganization and poor business performance.

Instead, set a schedule and stick to it. Be arranged on what needs to be done, when it needs to be, and how it should be done. Set the precedent for your workplace to be arranged and delegate tasks effectively. Not a company online check to see how the other players are managing business and learn from their proceedings.

  • Decrease stress

Whether your business is a new start-up or a well-oiled machine, it is essential to relieve stress among employees. A chaotic atmosphere is overwhelming, which can lead to severe stress. When you and your team are under duress, you are more susceptible to illness, financial failures, and business, among others. According to a Harvard Medical School study of stress, stress can often cause a person “physically, emotionally and psychologically.”

Get a handle on stress is the first step. Find a technique or activity that relaxes and work it into your routine and routine of your team. Even in an environment of high pressure job, be sure to stress the importance of taking breaks during the workday and relaxing.

  • Goal Oriented

Establish goals and deadlines for the company. You can easily monitor the success of your company when you have goals that are measurable. In addition, the objectives and deadlines will help keep you and your team focused on the tasks at hand. Begin to be established (on paper) the objectives you want to achieve six months or a year from now.

Create incentives for your team to keep them to work hard and concentrate. For example, offer your team a bonus if you reach your financial goal. Will keep you and your team motivated while pursuing the success of your business.

  • Wealthy Environment

A favorable environment for success to motivate you and your team. The workplace must be efficient and comfortable, emotionally and physically. Maintain Office space at a comfortable temperature and a comfortable mood. Emphasize the importance of being a team, hopefully dispelling any negativity or competition between co-workers. Also, try to make Office space relaxing making it bright and airy as possible and have an area designated as a break room.

Sebastian Vettel wins Indian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel reigning champion rolled his fourth consecutive victory of the season in the Indian Grand Prix Delhi Sunday to tighten his grip on the confrontation title with three races to compete.

The 25-year-old German created another perfect show to take 13 points ahead of Ferrari, Fernando Alonso, who finished second, 10 seconds behind.

Vettel, who led from prop to post, add this to his wins in South Korea, Japan, and Singapore, and his success debut season at Bahrain, seeks to become the youngest champion in formula one history.

Vettel Red Bull teammate Mark Webber took the third with McLaren, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, fifth and sixth.

The mainly significant question no one asks

Observation these days, everyone is always in network, by telephone, texting and tweeter. They think that they get somewhere and get things done, but they are really not. It is because they cease to ask the question that opens the door to what they are looking for.

This question is, “what did you think?”

Now, you probably know that ask oriented questions leads people to open up. It encourages them to talk, to exchange information, to say what is on their mind while you listen. Very well. But I’ll bet that you do not know how many more that a question can be. It can change everything, even your life.

It can become an chance to strike, break talks impasse, the challenge one used to come out of its shell, or present an olive to a colleague in anger. He may even have a potential client to tell you how to gain his business or charm your boss to disclose what it will take for you to get a promotion.

Here are three stories on the issue the most important person asks.

Requested opportunity to strike

At a informal dinner with an major planned partner meeting, I expressed my concern about the bad press that his company had received and asked:  what do you think is the problem? He surprised me by explaining that their revolving door of VP of marketing was not working so well. Then he looked at me – a head of marketing back and forth – and one could almost see the bulb to go over his head.

That opened the door for the opportunity of my occupation as a Chief Official in a public corporation. But you know, I always speculate if it was somewhere in the back of my mind all along. If this is the case, I was not aware, ca it is safe.

Break a negotiation hopelessly deadlocked

There is nothing more frustrating to a negotiation where the two parties have dug in their heels and no one moves. In one such negotiations with a Japanese company, our general counsel unexpectedly asked his counterpart, ” How do you think we should do it now?”

It took me by surprise, I did not know where he was going with an open question. But opposing counsel responded with an idea that, frankly, I would have never thought fly with them. But he opened the score and eventually the agreement was made.

In private, our general counsel told me later that he had had the same idea but he knew that if he had raised the issue, he would have been dismissed. He had to come from our opponents so they can save face.

Recovery and sinking a job interview

If you have already put the cap on a job that you wanted so you would do anything to get it, you will appreciate this story. I had managed to swing a first interview with the CEO of the company, but since the position came open and there was no employment or Executive recruiter specifications, I have had precious little to determine how to position me as the best candidate. Worse, the CEO was a disreputably calm man who kept things close to his vest.

Since the talk was going nowhere, I took a chance with a straight question that I thought that he could not avoid, “If today was my first day at work, what would you say are my top three priorities?” Indeed, he replied with not three but four specific objectives. I took lots of notes, and when I came back for the follow-up interview, I was able to provide a detailed plan to achieve each objective.

Yes, I got the job.

I can probably find a dozen of stories such as these. But here’s the thing – I can I remember having learned to ask leading questions and be an active listener early in my career, but I don’t remember it told me that it may be as a key that opens all kinds of locked doors. Or that become adept at this could change your life. Now, I know. And you also.

Nokia + Microsoft Kick Off $23M AppCampus Incubator: Over $1M Going To 36 Startups

Next week, Nokia and Microsoft are probable to disclose the first handset (s) run on the Windows 8 phone platform, and now comes the news about applications that are wish to attract more consumers to buy them. App Campus, $ 23 million joint venture between Microsoft, Nokia and Aalto University in Finland, declare in may, to encourage the growth of more applications on the platform, said he donated the first $ 1 million more than their budget 36 developers out of a total of 900 comments, with an average of $ 30,000 for app, though individual investments in the course of the joint venture will be between $ 25,000 and $ 88,000.

Head of App Campus, P Sivonen said the applications are probable to be come out opening in October, and will run completely on Windows and Nokia platforms Phone for their first six months possibly touch some 500,000,000 devices out in the market today.

And now the joint venture is actively looking for its next group of startups to move forward into the new year. “We’re doing almost 700 investments over the next three years so I would strongly encourage people to submit their best ideas,” he said. “This is the time to jump in”

Moderately for spirited reasons, App Campus not to reveal the full list of companies until they go live and start getting distributed in App Store Marketplace. Sivonen says that you go from games to productivity apps, and cover a wide range of geographies. Keep in mind, Finland is home to Rovio, one of the most successful group ever mobile gaming, so the hopes will be high.

The couple were made public, fascinatingly, have an venture / efficiency bent:

Sihti is a mobile job search service that will allow users to search for job vacancies and then apply and send their curriculum using the Windows platform. There might be some interesting integration again with businesses and services by Microsoft SkyDrive.

The other app, Modz, is created because children measure their blood sugar and help manage this. This highlights the growing trend of young people with their mobile devices, and, of course, the rise of mobile health solutions, something also being pushed by Samsung.

Pretty frustrating, Sivonen has not fallen in my Q & A trap and not give any comment on Nokia’s new “Windows Phone device”- excepting for the note that had reacted to the singular, not plural.

Supreme court stays kasab’s death sentence

The supreme Court of India, confirmed Wednesday the penalty of death given to Pakistani terrorist captured alive only in 2008 Mumbai massacre and rejected his plea that he was deprived of a trial by a special court.

Given the nature of the seriousness of his crime and the fact that he has participated in the war against the country, we don’t have no choice but to confirm his death sentence, a division of the supreme court bench comprising judges Aftab Alam and CK Prasad held.

Kasab was pronounced the death penalty for waging war against the State and kill civilians inncocent between other charges by the special court in may 2012. He was among 10 Pakistani terrorists who entered Mumbai through maritime and carried out the massacre.

Kasab had first appealed his conviction to death by the High Court of Bombay, which dismissed his appeal and affirmed the death penalty for his role in the Mumbai terrorist attacks, which have cost the lives of more than 170 people, including six foreigners, and injured 300 others.

Prosecutor Gopal Subramaniam welcomed the verdict of the Court of apex as a victory full processes of the Act.”It was a case argued in a totally professional and impartial manner” at – he declared to the press in the nation’s capital.

Kasab can now appeal for mercy petition to the president of india Dr. Pranab Mukherjee, who has the power to commute his sentence to life in prison.

The Mumbai attacks were 11 coordinated shooting and bomb attacks in the Indian financial capital by Pakistani militants who have received assistance of recognition before the attacks. The terrorist attacks spread world criticism.

Happy Independence Day

“RESPECT & SALUTES” Happy Independence Day To All Indians

Sprint Goes Green (Once again) With The Eco-Conscious LG Optimus Elite

Well, Sprint seems certainly passionate to make this earth day, an unforgettable moment. Not only have they decided to launch the LTE-friendly LG Viper and Galaxy Nexus April 22, Sprint announced that they have chosen the same day to release the new eco – LG Optimus Elite.

Unlike phones flashier launch next to her, the Elite Optimus is unlikely to turn the heads too. It’s a strict entry, but I guess its price $30 (after a mail in $50 rebate) should help it pick up a bit of steam between smartphowners the first time.

And that meant exactly net $30, you at this time? About exactly what you expect – a screen of 3.5 inches, a single-core processor 800 MHz, and a 5 megapixel camera back, all very well wrapped in a body 50% recycled plastic.

As his big brother of the Viper, the Elite Optimus also manages Android 2.3 Gingerbread, because you apparently can not be concerned about the environment and the update at the same time.

I’m having a very difficult time to see what is if the elite of this thing, but it is not completely straightforward. The Optimus Elite sports a NFC chip and support for Google Wallet, so that us cheapskates can finally press to pay for our Slurpees.

Users taking diving will also be able to mark 50 GB of storage free of the box, if I am guessing that it is the same kind of limited duration agreement that Dropbox has implemented with partners like Samsung and HTC.

Here is a small word of warning however: If you somehow succumbed to the charms of the Elite Optimus, you’d better hold off stores Sprint comes April 22. You see, Sprint intends to start selling the Elite Optimus on their web site and telephone 22-, you can walk into a Sprint store and come out with an elite of your own entrant may 18.

In the meantime, however, I’ll just ball in a corner and wait as LG to release some of their legendary equipment high range around these parts.

reset root password in Debian

The grub boot loader screen. Select the recovery mode of the version of the kernel you want to start and type the address to edit. Select the line that begins with the core and type e to edit the line.

Go at the end of the line and type init = / bin / bash as a separate entity of a word (press the space bar and then type init = / bin / bash). Press the Enter key to exit the edit mode.

Return to the GRUB screen, type ‘b’ to boot into single-user mode

This causes the system to start the kernel and run / bin / sh instead of the standard init process.

Now you have gained root privileges and a root shell. Since / is currently mounted read-only and many disk partitions have not been mounted yet, you must do the following to have a reasonably functioning system.

# mount -n -o remount,rw /

# mount -avt nonfs,noproc,nosmbfs

# cd /etc

# passwd

Now enter the new password and reboot the server and then you can able to access your server with new password.

email when access the server

It is always a good practice and safety perspective to be instantly notified by email when someone connects to your server via SSH with root privileges.

Open the file .bashrc for the root user.

Vi /root/.bashrc

enter the following code into

echo 'SSH Root Access (Your Server Name) on:' `date` `who` | mail -s "ALERT: Root Access from `who | cut -d"(" -f2 | cut -d")" -f1`"

Notice: Replace “Your Server Name” equal to your original server name and “” equal to your oginal email address.

When someone logs on successfully to the server as root via SSH, an email will be automatically sent from the server to the e-mail address indicated.


Walter Röhrl and Audi Sport Quattro S1 reuniting for 25th anniversary run up Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak. It’s one of the toughest races in the world, rising steeply uphill at about 20 kilometres around the curves to 150 4,301 metre peak. These days the course is asphalt, but in 1987 it was all dirt.

At that time the legendary Walter Röhrl drove the 600 horses Audi Quattro Sport S1 up the mountain in a 10:48 bladders. Of course, others have done it faster, but have done so on the sidewalk while Röhrl did in the dirt.

Twenty-five years later, Audi is bringing Röhrl and his mighty S1 back to Pikes Peak for a high-speed trip up nostalgic.

The pseudo commemoration will take place the 8 July, but for those who do not plan a trip to Colorado, but this summer we are directing in Germany this week, the car is on display at the Techno Classica vintage cars mega expo in Essen, with Röhrl himself on hand Sunday 25 March. Details in the press release below, and feel free to click on the image for a larger view.