Request exceeded the limit of 10 internal redirects

Error: Request exceeded the limit of 10 internal redirects due to probable configuration error. Use ‘LimitInternalRecursion’ to increase the limit if necessary. Use ‘LogLevel debug’ to get a backtrace

Answer: When access the domain and the domain not shows the content and the server logs shows the above error then you need to add the following code in .htaccess file.

RewriteCond %{ENV:REDIRECT_STATUS} 200

If you are facing this problem for the addon domain then add the following Rewrite rules in main domain .htaccess file.

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www\.)?addon_domain\.com
Rewriterule .* – [L]

Replace the “” to original your addon domain name

Zyrtec Reaches Female Hispanics with Mobile

Spring allergies attack everyone, but the brand name drugs allergy Zyrtec is running of a targeted campaign aimed specifically at Hispanic female. Not only the fully digital niche campaign, 60 percent of the budget goes to mobile advertising.

Hispanics are more likely to have a smartphone as white Hispanics, according to the spring 2011 Pew Internet study. Over 30 percent of Hispanics white, 44 percent of Hispanics have a smartphone. They are also more likely to have any type of mobile phone as white Hispanics-86 per cent compared to 80 per cent, according to Pew.

We took the advantage and leverage, said Brian Anderson, Vice President, digital experience at Vidal partnership, an agency of Hispanic origin.

The idea is to take the Zyrtec mark among Hispanic women and moms, and move them to the purchase. The mother of the family is like the CEO, has said Anderson of origin Hispanic moms. A variety of mobile ads, some with video, aim to speak Spanish, bilingual and Spanish-dominant Hispanic females aged 25-49.

The first wave of the national campaign launched recently and is configured to operate in May. For the first only vague mobile of the campaign, Vidal worked with GoldSpot Media, which has developed a set of ads that detects bandwidth of mobile connection. If a user is on a Wi – Fi connection, GoldSpot, a mobile rich media advertising platform Office, used a compatible video advertisement Zyrtec.

Vidal and Zyrtec, are the first who believed in him and tried to, said GoldSpot Media CEO Srini Dharmaji.  In this case, since it was the first time everyone is the launch of this we wanted to ensure that we worked in close collaboration with Vidal and our publisher partners, said Dharmaji.

A variety of creation of e-mail announcement is aimed at women Hispanic users on mobile sites, including Univision, Telemundo, new Viva, and AOL Latino, and female Hispanic for content Hayfever allergy or related.

Another leg of the first wave of the campaign which is still to launch involves video ads online offering an element of game and coupons, at – he said. This aspect of the campaign will continue until the earthquake video.

Zyrtec is no stranger to interactive games campaigns. The brand launched a campaign gamified YouTube in September 2011.

Johnson & Johnson, owner of Zyrtec, is very committed on the Hispanic market, said Mr. Anderson. However, he admitted that it may be difficult to convince an advertiser to launch a heavy digital campaign. We must work. They are a CPG company and they rely on the media awareness as broadcasting and print, he said.

We were looking for a way that could fill awareness of what fact in traditional media channels, said Mr. Anderson.Zyrtec is already the intention to go forward with a second level of the campaign in July and August, at – added it.

New LED light ditches disposable batteries used in Solar-Powered lighting

LEDs are enough standard equipment for excursions most of the hinterland, because they are light, efficient and practical for all the things that you need to do after dark, as a meal, set up a camp, or to run a race of late evening bath.

But most of them always come with a hitch – you must either buy disposable batteries to power them, or if you need to make sure that your batteries are fully charged before leaving the House. However, a new gadget of Solio could leave you light by night by using the power of the Sun.

The new Solio CLIP – MINI USB / Solar LED rechargeable Light is a flashlight of size with great potential. The enlightenment of devices until the night with 4 LED bulbs, and is able to provide you with anywhere from 3 to 33 hours of light on a single charge.

A filter integrated in red can help preserve your night vision (or allow you to run in the discretion-mode to slip on your cronies for backcountry nocturnal jokes).

The CLIP-MINI has a rechargeable battery, capable of storing energy for a maximum of one year, which is powered by a solar panel high performance built right into the device. It takes 5 to 7 hours of sunlight to completely reload the device, or if you are on the grid, it can be loaded in as little as an hour through a micro-USB connection.

With five modes of lighting (100%, 50%, 10%, flashing and SOS Mode), the MINI can be useful in all sorts of situations, and using low-power settings, it is possible to stretch a single charge for long periods. The device is only 6.3 x 2.6 and weighs 3.6 oz, which gives packing the long does not take much space or to add to your package weight.

This gadget could be to consider for your adventure equipment, or to add to an emergency preparedness, but this is so new, it is not available for the moment. The CLIP-MINI sells for $35, and starts the navigation on April 6.

Technology will provide water for the world

Our ever growing population extends our ability to provide clean water for our needs, from agriculture and manufacturing to the most fundamental of all: drinking water. But recent innovations in water technology may have some answers on tap at this problem.

Smart water meters:

Smart water meters beyond the capabilities of the system of base on the side of your House, which allows users to monitor their consumption of water more accurately (and pay for the water they actually used), and to help water providers to locate leaks and theft, as well as to see where and when water consumption is highest (and charge accordingly).

In agricultural settings, using smart meters to determine when irrigation is necessary, and monitoring the efficiency, can be an enormous advantage in water conservation efforts, as agriculture accounts for approximately 80% of United States consumption of drinking water.

More efficient desalination:

Desalination technologies commonly use a little energy, and some desalination plants effluent can take the toll on the local environment (due to the high saline levels).

The use of a method of distillation of seawater for desalination is also consumer of energy, less renewable energy or waste heat is captured and used instead of electricity from the network, desalination solutions to future must take into account both energy and discharges effluent to be more effective.

A solution possible, said 600 to 700% more efficient, continues and is claimed to  be able to run on solar panels and produce 50 kg of water per square metre and per hour.


It is estimated that 90% of wastewater is not treated, and innovations in treatment of wastewater and reuse could not use only that once-water wasted, but may also be able to recover most of the chemicals and minerals to further reduce our requests on these resources.

Another possible use of waste water is increasingly algae for biofuels, which could address a very different question: the reduction of our dependence on fossil fuels.

Rainwater Harvesting:

Be able to harvest and store rainwater for use in the long term of the rainy season is over could be another potential method to reduce the use of groundwater and the provision of clean water. Rain water systems may be as far – like a giant umbrella, or as small and simple as the gutters and rain barrels on residential buildings.

Some innovative groups are also working on mobile units operating and filtration of rain water, which could be used as a stand-alone system, or integrated in systems of collection on the roof.

The condensation and harvesting fog:

Even in areas without significant precipitation, at certain times of the day the air contains enough moisture to be captured and stored. Fog collectors to dew sensor, sometimes just be in the right place at the right time with the right tool can help provide water in areas that have no other viable options.

Some of these designs are built to collect water fog and condensation in arid regions, and others are atmospheric water generators adapted to wetter areas.

Sustainable water filtration:

Sometimes the problem is not a lack of water, it is the lack of clean water and the ability the cleanse. In regions where access to water that may be contaminated, sustainable water filtration systems can make the difference between life and death.

Possible solutions for low-tech methods include the use of materials such as cacti, seeds of trees, ash or cow manure. Purifiers are even simpler, and use only the Sun, as in these two different versions of solar distillers, the Eliodomestico and the Watercone.

Laser-Cloud Seeding:

No, this is not the title of a science fiction film, but a very real technology sued by researchers at the University of Geneva. Depending on water technology, laser pulses generate clouds a pullout of electrons of the atoms in the air, encouraging the formation of hydroxyl radicals, which converts sulphur and air particulate nitrogen dioxides which act as seeds for growing water droplets.

One of the most important means to help us continue to provide water for our needs is to remain vigilant on the conservation of water, do not use booster first place will always prevail on the subsequently claim the use of additional resources.

It might take all lasers in the wastewater, from the simple to the complex, to help provide water for a world with 7 billion citizens, but with innovators both in water technology, there are the chances that we will start to find the answers.

X-Ray Technology Turns Flowers Into Science Fiction

Taking floral Ray X is hardly something new. But does not mean that I see, I will not ooooh, pretty This particular set was taken by photographer based in Singapore, Brendan Fitzpatrick.

It does not have the ambition to be a photographer. In fact, it was originally interested in becoming a science fiction Illustrator. I would say that its work here is in fact that – these photos are of another world.

These photographs began to appear shortly after the development of the diagnostic radiology of the machine.

In fact, the images can be found dating from 1913, but it was not until the 1930s that they received any real attention from the work of Dain Tasker, who turned the scientific research of medicinal plants in the current art.

But the real lesson here is how technology can not only transform our lives, but also to transform the way we see and interact with other people live.

I would be delighted to see other beings living photographed in this manor, which is, if I was not afraid of what the same creatures x-ray exposure can really do. It looks like might not ultimately as film series B wrong.

How to install phpmyadmin on linux server

How to install phpmyadmin on linux server ?


phpMyAdmin is a free software tool written in PHP intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the World Wide Web. phpMyAdmin supports a wide range of operations with MySQL. The most frequently used operations are supported by the user interface (managing databases, tables, fields, relations, indexes, users, permissions, etc), while you still have the ability to directly execute any SQL statement.

You can easily installed it on a plain Linux VPS Hosting or Dedicated server :

  • Download the latest version of phpMyAdmin from


  • Rename the TAR file for your convenience :

root@support [~]# mv phpMyAdmin* phpMyAdmin.tar.gz

  • Untar the package :

root@support [~]# tar xzf phpMyAdmin*

  • Move it to the appropriate place :

root@support [~]# mv phpMyAdmin /usr/share/

  • Configure phpMyAdmin :

root@support [~]# cd /usr/share/phpMyAdmin
root@support [/usr/share/phpmyadmin]# cp config.*.php
root@support [/usr/share/phpmyadmin]# vi

  • Locate the following lines within that file & make sure each they look like the below ones :

$cfg['Servers'][$i]['auth_type'] = 'http';
$cfg['Servers'][$i]['controluser'] = 'root';
$cfg['Servers'][$i]['controlpass'] = 'mysql-root-pass';

  • Save the file.
  • Create the apache configuration file for phpMyAdmin :

root@support [/usr/share/phpmyadmin]# echo "alias /phpmyadmin /usr/share/phpMyAdmin" > /etc/httpd/conf.d/httpd.conf

  • Restart the http service :

root@support [~]# service httpd restart

  • Completed

How to install red5 on linux server

How to install red5 on linux server ?


Used steps to install the red5 on linux server.

root@server [] cd /etc/init.d/

root@server [] wget
root@server [] chmod 755 red5

root@server [] yum -y install java-1.6.0-openjdk java-1.6.0-openjdk-devel

root@server [] cd /usr/src
root@server [] rm -rf apache-ant-1.8.0-bin.tar.gz apache-ant-1.8.0 red5-0.8.0.tar.gz

root@server [] wget

root@server [] tar -zxvf apache-ant-1.8.0-bin.tar.gz

root@server [] ls -d /usr/local/ant | mv apache-ant-1.8.0 /usr/local/ant

root@server [] export ANT_HOME=/usr/local/ant
root@server [] export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java
root@server [] export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/ant/bin
root@server [] export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:$JAVA_HOME/lib/

root@server [] echo export ANT_HOME=/usr/local/ant >> /etc/bashrc
root@server [] echo export JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java >> /etc/bashrc
root@server [] echo export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/ant/bin >> /etc/bashrc
root@server[]echo export CLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:$JAVA_HOME/lib/ >> /etc/bashrc

root@server []  cd /usr/local/src


root@server [] rpm -i perl-URI-1.35-3.noarch.rpm

root@server [] yum install subversion

root@server [] svn checkout red5
root@server [] mv red5 /usr/local/
root@server [] cd /usr/local/red5
root@server [] ant prepare
root@server [] ant dist
root@server [] cp -r dist/conf /usr/local/red5/
root@server [] ./

root@server [] /etc/init.d/red5 start

You can access red5 by using the following url.



Women Buy Into Sports Via Social

According to the new social data of Visible Technologies and Applebee children, advertisers may want to target female sports fans more often.

Visible studied 125 million post on social media during a recent period of three months, finding that the 17 percent of messages conveyed intention to purchase.

From that subset, women posted 69 percent of seats, Visible says, most of the time using Twitter to show off a recent purchase and using blogs to express their desire to acquire an object.

The Bellevue, wash.-based researcher says the 31 percent of social sports talk comes from the women, calling the data surprisingly strong compared to the results of the past in a statement prepared today.

Carly Wilcox, Director of professional services at visible, suggested that advertisers must recognise that consumers in General and women in particular-are gradually moving in terms of where they spend their time and show their interests.

Whether it’s beauty products or accessories, women are shoppers powerhouse and the slow movement to capitalize a group so active is a huge oversight in the field, Wilcox said in a statement.

Applebee’s female fans Love March Madness

In a separate announcement today is also Applebee Announces impact of female sports fan. The restaurant chain says that 71 percent of shout-out during the recording of March Madness Facebook app were by women.

The application was deployed from Kansas City, MO-based to run a basketball contest brand focused, giving away thousands of gift cards. Since the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments began nearly two weeks ago, 50,000 shout-outs were recorded.

Subaru releases 2013 Legacy, Outback details ahead of New York debuts

Subaru has many mounted at the New York auto show 2012. In addition to the Crosstrek XV, the Japanese automaker will show its new 2013 Legacy models, and they are not being minor updated exactly.

Under the hood of 2 5i models will be a whole new 2.5-liter DOHC Boxer four that puts out power of 173 horses and 174 lb – ft of torque – improvements to three and four, respectively.

In addition, in 2013 engine new Legacy and the latest Subaru CVT automatic transmission achieve estimated ratings of consumption of 24 miles per gallon city, 32 Highway and 27 combined. It is a mile per gallon better across the Board, and a manual six-speed will be also available.

The Outback, which boasts 8.7 inches of ground clearance, will handle an estimated 24/30/26 mpg with the traction even string. Both models will be available as an option with a plate of 3.6-litre six-cylinder mated to a five-speed automatic transmission that offers up to 256 horsepower. All four wheel drive is, of course, the standard.

Subaru EyeSight new driver-assistance system, which incorporates Adaptive Cruise Control, pre-collision braking of the vehicle warning and Lane Departure, will debut on the Legacy and Outback 2013 and you can read much more about this technology here. Bluetooth connectivity is also new, with the iPod controls and a USB port. A seven-inch navigation screen will be available on the top models in range.

The style is a little twisted, with a new front fairing distinguished as the most obvious change, and Subaru says that the conduct and handling have been improved with a rigid structure and revised suspension geometry.

We will not miss you provide live pictures of New York, but in the meantime, see a few shots out to date and the explosion of press official for the two models after the break.

Facebook Offers the Council at Automotive trademarks

Automakers with a ton of pages Facebook are obtain assistance from the digital giant, news has learned. It is assignment of consultants for brands as Aamco and Cottman transmission Systems, advising on how to manage directory information and the provision of other tactics to help generate leads for locations in the country.

Facebook aims to help our industry to understand how Facebook can be used to increase sales, said Derik Beck, Director of new media at the American Driveline Systems, which is the parent company for Aamco (800 franchises) and Cottman (80 franchises). The free consultation, he said, was recently offered to its business.

During his studies at its New York last week, Beck and other marketers questionné speakers of platforms such as Bing and MomentFeed on how to optimize their social pages of the media for mobile research.

During a session Q & A, the subject has taken over the room as industry professionals were in research to solve the pain points that come with franchisees of brand and decentralized coordination.

We are trying to help our mother and pop businesses, said Sara Resnick, a specialist of referencing to the 1-800 – Flowers .com. We are trying to do one at a time in places and possibly Google Bing and other websites. We understand the importance of local communities.

Beck said franchisors are mounted power on staffing to the to ensure that the information on the pages of location on Facebook, Google, and other sites of business registration is accurate. And if they are not, they must, he said. It is a necessity.

Inform: Facebook said that the work that he has recently begun to do with the company of Beck is representative of general purpose of the social site to help businesses. He has not created a new team as part of the effort, the Menlo Park, CA-based company said.